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Becoming a college scout

Scouting has been part of a school program. Usually, this is during the younger years of school life. But these days, college scouting is also being offered. There are so many things that you can learn from scouting especially during your college years. The programs, training and experiences that it can bring to you can be useful for the rest of your life. This is why it is best that college students engage in being scouts. You can easily learn how to become a scout especially when your school offers a scouting program.

Ways to Become a College Scout

1. Signify your intention to become a member
You can become a scout in college by signifying your intention to get a member. This is the first step you need to take. Read the campus bulletin board and look for the scouting organizations. Go to their office, ask for a form, fill it up and submit it. Some scouting offices conduct interviews for aspiring members.
2. Attend your first scouting orientation
As a student who intends to become a scout, the next thing to do is attend the mass orientation for all the newbies. In this session, you will learn all the things about scouting like the pros and cons and the expectations before becoming a full-pledged inducted member of the scouting organization.
3. Perform the needed task and attend training sessions
After the orientation, there will be tasks to be completed as part of your journey of becoming a scout. This is not easy since it will consume some time and strategy to know your abilities and capacity. The tasks are also guided by different training sessions in order for you to achieve the goal of every assignment. In scouting, they teach more about survival by doing some extraordinary things, like learning the survival codes, knot-tying and many more.
4. Engage in first camping activity
Camping is one of the highlights of becoming a scout, and student candidates are all excited with this activity. Such activity will help you experience something out of the ordinary like tent pitching, creating fire out of the available materials around you, cooking, hiking and many more. This is also the moment that you can apply all the learnings you had from the seminars and training that you have attended.
5. Investiture Ceremony
This is the most important event in every student that wants to be a scout in college. Investiture ceremony is the moment wherein candidates are awarded their full scouting rights and membership. You will recite the scouting oath and law while wearing for the first time the uniform of a scout. This is also the time that they will be enrolled to the roll of scouts at their council, ids and other scouting gear will be given also. After this ceremony, you are now a full-fledged member of the scouting organization.
The scouting life does not end when you became a member during the investiture ceremony. You are encouraged to continue the learning and earn your patches so that you can also become a scout master and a mentor to others. Scouting movement around the world is keeping the fire burning so that the scouting spirit can live up to the future generation.
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